WordPress Instalation deployed by git isn’t working!

31st January 2019

I’ve recently revamped the website with my own wordpress theme. I deceided to put the whole wordpress instalation into a git repo, which I’m sure will come back to bite me! When I first deployed it everything looked fine, that was until I tried to create a new post and was greeted by a totally […]

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New Website With A Custom WordPress Theme

30th January 2019

I decided I wasn’t getting the best experience from this website as I wanted. I was using the Mesmerize Pro theme, which by the way is a brilliant WordPress theme for rapidly deploying a really nice looking website which I still use on some of my other sites. I just wanted a much finer degree […]

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WordPress urges installations from version 3.7 upwards to be updated ASAP!

15th December 2018

WordPress have pushed version 5.0.1 which is a security release and are urging anybody from version 3.7 upwards to update to this. The update includes several vulnerability fixes, mostly privilege escalation attacks for already existing WordPress users but also XSS attacks as well. For more information please click here for the official WordPress release notes.

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Facebook bug exposes 6.8 million users private and unpublished photos

This weeks theme seems to be API bugs and broken access control. Earlier this week Google announced it accidentally made accessible peoples private information through their Google+ API ( see article here ). Now it’s facebooks turn, Facebook developers announced that an error in their Photos API allowed external app developers to access photos that […]

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phpMyAdmin Critical Security Update

12th December 2018

phpMyAdmin has just recently released a critical security update and is urging their users to update as soon as possible ( https://www.phpmyadmin.net/news/2018/12/11/security-fix-phpmyadmin-484-released/ ) The three main vulnerabilities it fixes are a local file inclusion bug, cross-site request forgery ( CSRF bug ) and lastly a cross-site scripting bug ( XSS ). Another strong recommendation is […]

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Google+ to shut down earlier due to security issues

11th December 2018

Google+ has announced it’s going to shut down 4 months earlier in April 2019 rather than August 2019 due to a security concern that could affect the personal data of over 52 million users. Google engineers discovered the flaw in their API on the “People – get” endpoint. The issue was that data was available […]

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7 security recommendations for keeping your WordPress site secure

27th November 2018

Plugins and Themes  Keep it updated New vulnerabilities are found every day and as soon as they come out your website is at risk. Good software developers will get straight on it and release updates to keep you secure. Don’t delay and update your site straight away. You need to login to WordPress every day […]

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Rackspace SSL Manager

27th October 2018

A project that I’ve been working on for the past couple of weeks has been Rackspace SSL Manager, and I’ve now finally launched it. As I have quite a few different web app projects on the go all at varying stages of completion, it makes sense to share the hosting resources. I use Rackspace for […]

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Back from holiday

28th August 2018

I’m now back from an excellent three weeks holiday. We’ve been to Lake Annecy in France for a week, then headed over to Lake Garda in Italy for a week and then back over to France again for a long weekend in Strasbourg with some stops and overnight stays along the way. I’ll be honest […]

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A few weeks in

17th July 2018

Well, I’m a few weeks into running my own business and to be honest not much has changed. It’s strange getting to grips with the fact that I manage my own time now, but I’ve been ploughing so much time into my contractor work as we’re going on a well-deserved family holiday in a few […]

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My last day

29th June 2018

Well, it’s my last day, although it’s a little strange as I’m still going to be providing consultancy services to the business I resigned from so it doesn’t feel exactly like the usual clean break and fresh start someone might have. Working remotely has also made the day seem very uneventful, I’m not sure what […]

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Business Goals

20th June 2018

My 3 months notice is coming to an end with only one and a half weeks to go, and I’m feeling nervous… but in an exciting way. As mentioned in my first post I’m starting my own business, but I didn’t actually go into details about what that business is. Well, to be honest, it’s […]

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Where to begin

9th June 2018

After owning this domain name for nearly 12 years, I’ve finally decided I should put it some good use. Over the last few months the desire to branch out on my own by starting my own business has been getting stronger and stronger until finally, on the 16th of March 2018, I handed in my […]

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