Adam Langley

Based in Exeter Devon, I'm a full stack developer and ethical hacker on a mission to launch SaaS products, provide consultancy services and create a security course for web developers.

Hey, I’m Adam, on the 16th March 2018, I sent an email which became the starting point of my solo career. It was a resignation email, from the Technical Director role I had held for 13 years. I had written the email a couple of days before but then spent the majority of the day formatting it changing fonts, sizes, colours, spacing; anything to delay sending it. Feeling sick to my stomach and physically shaking I finally plucked up enough courage to send it, this was the start of my new career path.

I’ve had this domain name for over ten years and never done anything with it. I thought this would be a great time to start using it by documenting my journey from gainfully employed to a solo maker/founder and also things that interest me personally and my passion for computer security.


Easily host and manage upto 20 SSL certificates on each Rackspace Load Balancer without having to touch the openstack API.
Rrealistic and fun web app security capture the flag style challenges for hackers to pit their wits against.
Provides alerts for when blind XSS attacks are triggered also logs DNS lookups and supports data over DNS. Perfect if you're on the bugbounty or pentest scene.

Personal Blog

I'm always on a mission to improve my life whether that's through fitness, weight loss, minimalism, personal finance, better mental health or mindfulness. These posts will follow that journey

You’ve gotta have a budget!

11th June 2018

Personal finance is of massive interest to me and is something I feel like I’m finally getting to grips with it. I used to fall into the two following statements: No matter how much I earn, I never seem to have any money left over. At the end of each year, I seem to be […]

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Business Blog

These posts will follow my journey from being gainfully employed as a technical director to paving my way on my terms as a maker/solo founder of SaaS products.

WordPress Instalation deployed by git isn’t working!

31st January 2019

I’ve recently revamped the website with my own wordpress theme. I deceided to put the whole wordpress instalation into a git repo, which I’m sure will come back to bite me! When I first deployed it everything looked fine, that was until I tried to create a new post and was greeted by a totally […]

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Security Blog

Cybersecurity is what started my fascination with computers. I've always tried to stay up to date with computer security, especially web app security. These posts are dedicated to that subject and my ongoing learning of it.

My Journey From InfoSec to Web Dev and back to InfoSec

28th February 2019

My journey started back in 1999, I was 15 years old, and I just double-clicked the file “picture.jpg.exe” which was sent to me by a friend over either Yahoo or MSN messenger. Nothing seemed to happen at first, then the next minute the tray for my cd drive opened and then my screen flipped upside […]

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