Project Details

I wanted an outlet for my background in web development and computer security and to also give back to the computer security world which has given so much to me. CTF Challenge hosts capture the flag style web app hacking challenges for the hacking community. I wanted to put an emphasis on creating realistic and real world challenges which closely follow the OWASP top 10 security risks.

I plan to release a new challenge every month

I created my own dashboard the users could login to and register their flags, get hints and see how they compared on the leader boards.

You can see how many flags you have left to collect and also request hints
See how other people are doing on the leader boards

Future Plans

Every month I will release new hacking challenges but I also want to start making some introduction to web app security videos to help people who are new to the game. I want to improve the user experience of the website and also create a proper front facing site rather than just the login / register options.