Client Work Details


Skills: Ethical Hacking, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL

Web Development

Part of my role at Hacker House was to finish their Hands-On Hacking online training portal and develop further features. This consisted of three web applications.

Dashboard – which served as a home for students and gives them links to different areas of the site and resources.

Downloads – which enabled students to download the required course content and virtual machines.

Quiz Server – An online test to ensure students fully understand what they have learnt and allow them to pass the Hands-On Hacking course.

All the applications are tied together with a central API and a single sign-on server. Due to the nature of Hacker Houses’ work, this made them a target for other hackers, which meant that all code had to be secure and checked at every stage.

Ethical Hacking

During in my time at Hacker House I took part in a couple of penetration tests. Both incuded testing the infrastrcucture for vulnerabilities and also vulnerabilities in their web applications.