New Website With A Custom WordPress Theme

30th January 2019

I decided I wasn’t getting the best experience from this website as I wanted. I was using the Mesmerize Pro theme, which by the way is a brilliant WordPress theme for rapidly deploying a really nice looking website which I still use on some of my other sites. I just wanted a much finer degree of what was displayed on the page and I didn’t feel like I could give the message I wanted to, which is 3 different messages ( personal, business and security ) Most websites are dedicated to just one topic of conversation but with mine it’s three and I just couldn’t get that message across.

I haven’t created a theme from scratch for about 6 years and even then it was a one-off for a client Jolley & Co.

I actually found the whole process really therapeutic, since leaving my job I’ve really struggled in what direction to go in; is it web dev, security, contracting or something else entirely. And the answer is that it’s all of the above, and that’s okay.

I think the new website seperates things nicely, and keeps things together so if you’re reading something about business your not being recomended an article about minimalism. And I can finally write about all my passions and not just one so I don’t give a mixed message about what this website is about.

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