Business Goals

20th June 2018

My 3 months notice is coming to an end with only one and a half weeks to go, and I’m feeling nervous… but in an exciting way. As mentioned in my first post I’m starting my own business, but I didn’t actually go into details about what that business is. Well, to be honest, it’s not properly defined as one single business but instead several activities I want to be doing. These can be broken down into the following three things:

SaaS applications:
I’ve always got an idea on the go and continually seeing gaps in the market for small software applications. Ideally, they would be subscription based highly automated services which would provide reliable revenue streams and low dependency on single customers.

I love talking with small businesses and startups. I would look to provide services ranging from web development, digital marketing, security, networking and telecoms.

Cybersecurity trainer:
This is the biggest dream and is what got me hooked on computers in the first place and where my passion lies. I want to develop a course which teaches web developers on how to create safe web applications which stop hackers getting into them. The course will more than likely follow the OWASP top 10 which is a rundown of the ten most popular vulnerabilities facing web applications.