Back from holiday

28th August 2018

I’m now back from an excellent three weeks holiday. We’ve been to Lake Annecy in France for a week, then headed over to Lake Garda in Italy for a week and then back over to France again for a long weekend in Strasbourg with some stops and overnight stays along the way.

I’ll be honest it wasn’t as relaxing as I would have hoped it was but we do have three kids with the youngest being just nine months, so maybe I was expecting too much. One thing I’ve learnt is you definitely can’t switch off properly when you’ve started your own business, and I had a few “oh my god, what have I done!” moments but I tried to stay positive and talked things out with my wife to try and keep myself sane.

I registered ( South West InfoSec ) which is going to serve my cybersecurity side of the business, and I did come up with a rough plan of action for how I’m going to proceed now I’m back home.

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