A few weeks in

17th July 2018

Well, I’m a few weeks into running my own business and to be honest not much has changed. It’s strange getting to grips with the fact that I manage my own time now, but I’ve been ploughing so much time into my contractor work as we’re going on a well-deserved family holiday in a few weeks.

The realities have dawned on me as this will be the first time in my life that while being on holiday I’m not going to be earning anything, which is one of the many downfalls to working for yourself.

After all the stress of getting the settlement agreement sorted and very last minute changes to contracts, I’m looking forward to some time away where I can concentrate on my family. I am setting myself some homework while I’m away though and that’s to devise a plan. With so many irons in the fire ( as they say ) I need to prioritise into what’s going to be the most important thing to work on first. If I can come home with at least that sorted, I will be delighted. Not sure if I will fit in another update until I come back, so the website might be quiet for a while.

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